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Practice Areas: Civil Litigation, Employoment Law\

Civil Litigation, Employment Law, Product Liability | Charleston, SC

David Dick has handled cases in the South Carolina Supreme Court, the South Carolina Court of Appeals, the South Carolina Court of Common Pleas, and the U.S. District Court for South Carolina.  He is well-versed in local laws and procedures and will use that knowledge to represent his clients with diligence and passion.
Civil Litigation


Civil Litigation includes those actions brought to enforce, redress, or protect private rights. A sum of money is generally assessed for violations of civil law. 

Litigation involves the steps of the process for those legal issues filed in court. A litigation attorney’s work includes the preparation, discovery, the trial itself, and potentially the appeals process.


Civil litigation runs the gamut from a basic marriage dissolution to a complex, mass torts case with multiple plaintiffs and multiple defendants with millions of dollars at stake. In fact, any legal issue can be litigated. While there is a very structured set of procedures in the litigation process, it can also be an amoeba–that is–the case can take twists and turns, and change in ways you don’t anticipate. The best litigators are prepared, and not easily rattled by the unexpected.

Corporate Law


A general corporate practice involves the entire spectrum of legal services for a diversified client base. Work includes corporate counseling, negotiating and preparing legal documents for all types of business transactions, from sales

agreements to complex joint ventures and business combinations. 


In addition, David Dick also handles all aspects of corporate litigation.  This includes employment issues or lawsuits against the company arising out of personal injury, products liability, or breaches of contract.

Employment Law

Employment Law involves representing employers in matters such as unfair labor practices, collective bargaining negotiations, representation elections, wrongful termination, grievances and arbitrations, and strike litigation. It also involves counsel clients on issues such as affirmative action compliance, employee handbooks, workplace rules, and other related matters. David Dick will represents clients on issues such as discrimination in hiring, wrongful termination, breach of employment contract, workplace libel and slander, employee right to privacy, and other issues. Companies are also represented before administrative agencies such as state bureaus of employment, bureaus of workers’ compensation, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the National Labor Relations Board.

Physician Peer Review

One of lesser known aspects of the medical practice involves disputes over a physician’s hospital privileges.  With the advent of the National Practitioners Data Bank (NPDB), the loss of hospital privileges can be as crippling to a physician as losing their medical license.

When a hospital revokes, suspends, or denies hospital privileges to a physician, these decisions must be disputed within the hospital's peer review system.  This system is governed by the Heath Care Quality Improvement Act (HCQIA).  It is imperative that a physician have an attorney who can use his experience with the Act and the hospital’s internal procedures to zealously represent his client.

Administrative Law

Any business that is in an industry that is “regulated,” such as health care, environmental science, manufacturing, 
aviation, or securities is subject to administrative authority. David Dick is able ensure that his clients’ business practices adhere to these standards set forth by administrative agencies that interpret and regulate business activity within the industry. David can also assist clients in need of representation in disputes with administrative agencies.

Construction Law

​Construction law is a specialty dealing with all matters of building construction. This can range from the real estate transactions, the financing of commercial projects, and contracts between developers, contractors, subcontractors, and buyers. Clients can encounter issues from personal injury stemming from construction site accidents to products liability of materials used in building.

Banking Law


A banking and finance practice can represent a wide spectrum of clients in the financial and commercial areas, including banks, bank holding companies, and clients with banking affiliations. The banking and financial industry is heavily regulated, at the federal and state level, and it is important for both the bank and the bank's clients to remain in compliance.  If any dispute arises between the bank and its clients, whether it be regarding a loan, mortgage, or other contract, we may be able to help.



Appellate Practice


After a decision is rendered in a civil or criminal law trial by a trial judge or jury, the party who loses has the right to have the decision reviewed by a higher court. 

Appellate Law consists of the rules and practices by which higher courts review lower court judgments.


David Dick has represented clients at the South Carolina Court of Appeals, the South Carolina Supreme Court, and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Complex Litigation

This describes a case filed in court that is likely to have multiple parties and multiple causes of action, and sometimes crosses jurisdictions. This type of litigation is likely to have a myriad of complex legal issues and arguments.


South Carolina has a specific Business Court system set up for just this type of complex litigation.  David Dick has represented several clients in the business court with success.



Products Liability

​When individuals are harmed by an unsafe product, they may have a cause of action against the persons who designed, manufactured, sold, or furnished that product. David Dick has the experience and knowledge to assist clients this type of legal matter.

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